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We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1. Refund policy covers claims for money-backs acceptable for a period of 15 days after final product delivery.
2. In case a client still wants to re-consign later than 15 days due to low quality, we are compelled to charge a further 30% to proofread and 50% to repeat. ( The 30% and 50% is determinable on the order quantity or word count)
3. Refund policy strictly applies to type A (Excellent) & B (Good) sound quality audio/video.
4. We subsidize another proofreading phase on the returned files if a quality defect arises and then endorse the appeal for refund.
5. The appeal for refund cannot be considered where the added proofreading for errors attains high-quality. We will call for the revised duplicate from the customer.
6. Refund policy is not allowable for Convoluted speech or handwritten content or Rush orders.
7. We do not give a High accuracy certification for files under Rush ordering and Convoluted quality file recordings or document. Equally, we cannot re-work on such files.

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