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We have the latest state of the art equipment, tools, and software programs that are used by our transcribers to convert audio files into a written document.Our transcription service is priced at a budget friendly starting at $0.10/min.

Voice Over

We have a talented pool of voice over artist that will breathe life into your audio or video file. This will make your audience interested that will improve brand visibility and sales. Our voice over services is starting from $128 per minute.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

We offer high quality closed captioning and subtitling services with High accuracy. We offer our services that are pocket friendly with fast turnaround, whether it be for training programs, educational medium, and television shows.


Our typing services deliver High accuracy to more than 100 languages. For bulk-load of typing jobs, rest assured that flaws will be eliminated by our expert team of typists. Our competitive prices are Starting at $3.75/page per unformatted page, $4.50 per formatted page and $0.10 per minute for audio typing.

Video Services

We close the loop in all the phases of our video services from conceptualization to a completed video document.

Video Animation

We provide video animation explainers that will explain our client’s business’s brand. Our finished product will help increase visibility, search engine results and most of all sales. Our animation clips are at a low rate of $60 per minute.

Video Spokesperson

We work with the best video voices in the industry. We’ll handpick auditions for your script and help pick out the voice for your video. Our spokesperson’s rate is at $60 per minute, the lowest in the market.

Video Editing

Our expert video editors will replace unwanted footage with the best ones. They will add background music, special effects, sound… and more, that will make it appealing to the audience. Our video editing pocket friendly rate is at $60 per minute.

Video Production

Our skilful video production crew provides the complete package: script, shooting and video editing. The finished product will get your message across to your audience that will increase your brand visibility and company profitability.